How To Get Rid Of Head Lice And Keep Them Away Permanently

If you use homemade remedies for lice, combing and worked hard to try to exterminate them, there's the usual problem annal. In fact, the topic "How to get rid of head lice" is very important and very relevant question millions of parents around the world who have tried to strip away all the way from the heads of their children.

So what is the best way to treat head lice?

Unfortunately the truth is not beautiful, indeed some would call it terrible: most head lice treatments are less effective every year. The reason is very simple, the lice are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals used to eliminate head lice every year hordes invade children's heads. Suffice it to say that already in a study conducted in 1996 by Dr. Daniela Thomas of 300,000 primary school children in thirty-one schools in Wales, scholars and scientists of the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre have concluded that approximately eighty percent of the 316 lice that were tested were resistant to a chemical common in products that combat the lice (or Pyrethroids Pietroidi).

Our children, unfortunately, are not.

Yet Pietroidi Pesticides and are now sadly known to be very toxic to people, especially for children who have much lower immunity than adults. In fact they are highly toxic to the immune system and thyroid. The bad thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Scientific studies of agents such as Sumithrin, Resmethrin and Permethrin reveal deep fears about their safety and that, most likely, are carcinogenic. There are other studies from Germany who claim that exposure to permethrin and also to Phenothrin can cause leukemia, lymphoid cancer and multiple chemical sensitivity. The compounds under discussion are believed to be natural, and runs the "myth" that they are derivatives of chrysanthemum flowers: in fact it is not true! This synthetic chemical pesticides that have been shown to be dangerous.

Yet many governments have long claimed that these chemicals were safe for use on human beings, then we and our children. Only when the community (ie most people) has found widespread damage and continues, new independent tests have demonstrated their dangerousness.

Unfortunately, many compounds are now being introduced into the homes of rich people from chemical companies (very lucrative industry and lobby) are declared to be harmless and only after so much hard and sad, but it turns out that I'm not! (Think for example to DDT!)

So what is a safe alternative treatment to remove lice from hair?

Well, first you better sit down for a moment to reflect before deciding which treatment to choose to eliminate head lice, whether it be for you whether it is a member of your family.

The main thing is not to panic (which is more common than you might imagine), because such behavior could lead to choices that you regret later ... Keep in mind that even if the lice can be annoying and cause problems both them who is the family, not a disease and, more importantly, the lice can not cause any real damage! You can take a few minutes to decide the best course of action.

Let's start with a fundamental premise: The safest treatment you can do at home to eliminate head lice is one that contains all natural ingredients. Stay away from any treatment that contains pesticides, not only because it may prove completely useless but actually could be very dangerous. Even if they do not contain chemicals that have yet to be proven dangerous, you are really willing to take the risk of using these pesticide based preparations and put them on the heads (permeable) of our children? Who knows what can discover in the future (as has already happened for other products) on the chemicals used today?

Fortunately, there are quite a few 'all-natural remedies available that can readily kill head lice.

Suffocation is an effective method of oil-based products (like mayonnaise), this prevents the lice to breathe (the holes are literally stuck in breathing) and head lice die. But the real secret is to find natural products (of course) that kill both head lice (live) and their eggs in one swift and effective.

Another type of very effective products are those that contain Neem oil. In fact you should know that the neem oil stops the growth and reproduction of head lice. Intrinsic properties of the neem insecticide has been widely recognized and its oil is now commonly available in health food stores and herbalists.

The Neem tree is native to India and is commonly known as the tree 'Cure all'. The insecticidal properties of neem is so effective because you think that destroying the hormonal system of insects, it is obviously necessary for normal body function. In particular it was found that the lice exposed to neem are no longer able to reproduce, then are cut off in successive generations. What does this mean? Which obviously can not reproduce there is a genetic development of resistance to this drug!

When the neem oil is mixed with other natural ingredients that kill head lice and eggs, you have in hand a remedy for head lice completely safe and totally natural, and above all very, very powerful. Only in this way we can get rid of the lice problem in no time and without problems. All this, when combined with a step-by-step plan to prevent a new infestation of head lice can be sure to keep away the annoying head lice for good. Neem oil is easily sold in grocery or nell'erboristeria the house (and, as I said before, even in many stores that are natural food and natural products).

The turning point of our remedy has been the neem oil for it, as we have said, makes head lice unable to reproduce. But in our remedies we have added another ingredient (natural) that increases the effectiveness of Neem oil 20 or 30 times as much and you probably already have in your pantry right now!

Our remedy for lice contains other ingredients that kill one hundred percent and even head lice eggs, so you can quickly get rid of these pesky animals for good and make sure that does not come back anymore.

All other ingredients contained in our totally natural and safe remedies are available in health food stores in many online stores.

If you’re tired of fighting lice, I recommend this site that will give you plenty of home remedies and help you get rid of lice once and for all!

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